Environmental policy


  • design, manufacture and trade decoration products for outdoor or indoor use (e.g. various decorative constructions-signs, Christmas, lighting constructions etc.).
  • produce electrical equipment for the needs of its production, based on the prerequisite of respect of relative legislation and protection of the environment.

The Management of I. PALEOHORINOS LIGHTING FIXTURES INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL S.A. commits to continuously try on its part, so that it can responsibly and effectively meet the requirements for reducing the impact of its operation on the environment.

Within the context of sustained effort to improve the products offered, the Environmental Management System was studied, installed and applied, adapted to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 14001:2015, according to which it is bound:

  • to comply with the applicable legal and other requirements so that the protection of the environment is achieved.
  • to provide appropriate environmental education to the employees.
  • to save natural resources by recycling any recyclable material it possesses, such as paper, glass and metal.
  • to use energy responsibly in all operations. Electricity saving can be achieved through lighting, which in most cases, it is one of the main factors of wasting electricity.
  • to protect the employees and the society in which the company operates by adopting safe technologies and operation procedures.
  • to communicate its commitment to protect the environment to the employees, the suppliers, the customers, public services and the society in which the company operates.
  • to continually improve the Environmental Management System of the company.

Thessaloniki, 01/02/2018

The President & Managing Director

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